Not You Not Me by A

images (2)I woke up today without any plans- I did not know that at two in the morning I was going to be in my way to Chicago. I’m with my two older brothers and I ask myself, “is this our American Dream?” Just going to places and living life at the moment and however it comes. My mother stayed behind, she said she did not have the time, but was that the real reason? The American Dream can not be for everyone. For my mother, she is not allowed to have an American Dream and not because I say so, but because society has made it like. For other people, the ones that do not have money nor knowledge cannot fulfill their American Dream either. All it takes to be able to make the American Dream come true is a certain amount of money and a certain level of knowledge.

I was walking from one place to another homeless people were in corners shaking from the cold. When I walk in the allies there was food and some even look fresh. I then thought how back home, in Kansas, there was also homeless people. In both places, there were just people who would walk by them and not bother to offer help. How do we expect people to have an American Dream when we don’t help the ones who need it. We are living in a world in which the rich get richer and the poor stay the same. Back in the day there were more chances that lower class people could become rich, but now this has changed a lot and even if they try it’s hard. Yes, it is hard to help every person who needs the help, but the government and society have lost total hope on them.

The American Dream to most people is just to have power and be recognized. My mother, she is not allowed to do that no here in Kansas, not in Chicago. Everywhere in America people will need the help, but won’t get it. I want to be a lawyer, but sometimes I ask myself if I’ll make it since I don’t really fit the requirements. I am not poor for many reasons: I have hot water in the morning when I shower, I do not go to bed with an empty stomach, I don’t have shoes or clothes that look like swiss cheese. For those reasons I’m not poor, but society might think different, which then leads me to have fewer opportunities in fulfilling my dream of becoming a lawyer. I already have the disadvantage of not being a citizen, but even the ones who are, they are also not really allowed to have an American Dream. Some because don’t have enough money and other because are not smart enough.

The American Dream is not for everyone. People say, “it does not matter where you start it matters where you end,” but tell me how a person, any person with no money or knowledge, is supposed to change the class they born into without help. People start in school, first grade all the way to twelve grade, but they don’t learn anything on how to survive the real world. Part of it is not their fault since hope has been lost in public schools so teacher do not put effort. From there when they finally graduate they don’t know what to do, they don’t have a dream, so they work and work. It is there where the American Dream has an end and was never accomplished.


One thought on “Not You Not Me by A

  1. Strong tone to the essay, but I need stronger arguments backed with facts. It reads more like an opinion piece, so it would be strengthened with supporting fact/details.


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