White America by Alexis Rivera

For years now social mobility has stalled, making the american dream slowly fade away. Studies show that Asian Americans followed by Whites have the highest income, but why is that? It is argued that Blacks, Hispanics, and Native Americans have been labeled as minorities because of their lack of opportunities. Others argue how those opportunities should not be as easily granted due to their citizenship status or place in social class. Is it possible for someone born into the lower class to be as successful as someone born into a wealthy family? Everyone in my home is hispanic and gets paid minimum wage, if not slightly more. That makes me part of the lower class, limiting my chances in moving up in social class and becoming successful. It is confusing for a white person living as part of the higher class to imagine how a person in the lower class might live, due to the fact that it is quite impossible to step into their shoes. It goes from little things like being stereotyped and followed around in stores by an owner who is afraid of you stealing an item from their shelve, to being stopped on the road by a police officer who might take your skin color for granted. America is corrupt, from businesses and job qualifications, to schools and academic opportunities. It is unlikely for an hispanic or black person who is equally qualified with a white person to get the job due to their skin color. It is also unlikely for a student of minority to receive the same rate of education as a rich kid attending a private school. For too long now we have been fighting twice as hard to keep a strong balance in the social class, just to be let down by selfish white privilege.

Others might argue that America is shifting with new ideas regarding social class and social mobility. That soon, “white america” won’t be white america anymore. With more people from different countries coming in and jobs being created, soon social class will change. Studies show that if the country becomes richer, the people from that country will benefit with a better quality of life. That is where the government starts coming up with ideas on becoming richer, some benefit recent minorities. In order for that to happen, things like racism, discrimination, corruption, and segregation need to come to an end. With the idea of there being a social gap in today’s society changing, the U.S. can become a better place to live in for Whites, Americans, Blacks, and Native Americans.



2 thoughts on “White America by Alexis Rivera

  1. This is well written. I felt like I was reading a journalist or reporter’s writing or summary of topic. Keep writing–tell stories and make people aware of injustice and hope in the world.


  2. Strong essay. Thanks for sharing. I do, however, disagree with the following point: “It is also unlikely for a student of minority to receive the same rate of education as a rich kid attending a private school.” I think you’re referring to tuition rate differences based on immigration status. That is different than one’s race or ethnicity. Also, I think the term “minority” has more to do with who has the “minority” or “majority” population in the country. Asian-Americans have also been labeled as a “minority” due to population numbers.


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