Walls Are Not An Excuse By: Bryan Guzman

IMG_20151014_205730Personally I do not believe our struggles are excuses in this world. When it comes to talking about my family and our American Dream it is the same as any other family who migrated to the United States. We all come here for a better life. I came here with both of my parents at six months old. They were “together” for the first ten years of my life. Well that’s what I thought, when I reflect back on my life I realize that it was all an attempt to keep the family together but the feelings were never there. All the fights, the anger between them caused my mother to take her anger off on me. I do not judge my mother for her actions, she was a great mother, she just had moments that damaged me physically and mentally, but no one is perfect in this world.  I am the oldest of four soon to be six. My mother now lives in Nevada with my two youngest siblings. I am here in Kansas City with the third youngest brother and awaiting on twin brothers from my step mother. I am only seventeen, my life has only hit two walls, the walls created by others, and the walls that I’ve created overtime. When I first started high school I didn’t put effort into school or my GPA, overtime this has created a wall for me but it is something I can change. On the other hand, my father is man who has worked hard for my brother and I. He only works one job but works more than twelve hours a day, my father has been a hard worker all his life. He is the type of man who gets excited to go to work, it does not mean he loves his job it only means that he’s motivated for the achievements that will come after. My father has taught me that no matter what you do, you should be proud of your achievements, even the small ones in life. In this world money is everything, but we have to learn to control money, not let it control us. My father loves earning money. He earns more and more but only for us, so that he can give our family a better opportunity. He wants to give us the best head start possible. When it came to being promoted he would get excited, but the requirements were to either be a resident or a citizen. He had the skills, the best resume, but did not have the status. This didn’t happen to him once or twice it has happened multiple times. This has not stopped my father, like I said before, “our struggles are not an excuse”.

My Father has had many jobs over time but he wants more in life. Since his status does meet the job requirements he has to change jobs and start over. Sometimes that meant a lower paying job so he wanted to continue moving up. The American dream entails of coming here to succeed by just working hard to guarantee a better life. Now, by second hand experience, I can tell you that is a fallacy. Those who come here  to work with the system of the american dream end up working too hard, and they stay the same, they don’t end up becoming a better them. If you work with system, then you keep those in control of the system controlling you and you’re giving them their american dream. To be able to succeed in this country you have to learn how to not work in the system, you have to understand it and know how to be part of the system. You can only defeat the walls if you know how they were created. At the beginning when I said “I’ve only had walls in my life that I’ve created”, this does not worry me for various reasons,  I know how they were created and I know how I can overcome them. My father and I have the same immigration status but I have not hit the walls he has when it comes to our status but now that I am planning to attend college and heading out to the real world those walls are waiting for me. All this time i’ve said “immigration status” you may ask yourself what is my immigration status, am I undocumented, DOCA, A refugee ? In my opinion, it should not even matter but the way we are grouped in this society, we have to accept and take ownership of it. My family did not come here undocumented we enter this country legally, we have remained in this country legally and we follow the laws of this country. Wouldn’t you think this is enough to get basic rights? To receive the government’s support for college ? Lets also not forget I came here at six months, my childhood, my home, where I was raised, all my memories start here. The wall created by the system for my father and millions of others who have migrated to the United States, includes their immigration status, but what the system does not understand is that we all come here overcoming bigger walls. Why would we give up now?  Imagine that the biggest obstacle between you and this wall is death, if you made it across the other side, then would you go back? 



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