From Ashes to Glory

“We brought you here for a better future” Where the words my father told me when I asked him why we were left our hometown in Mexico. I was young and still unaware of the great sacrifice my parents had made for me and my brothers at the time. We left everything behind our belonging and family and friends. I was Five when I arrived in the United States, I still remember getting off that bus arriving at westport .My eyes were amazed i’ve never seen such a beautiful city in my entire child life.I came from a small town in mexico in the middle of nowhere in fact we lived in a desert. Coming here was very confusing for me but I had to assimilate or else I was going to get left behind.My Family move into some run down  apartments when we arrived they got jobs really quick and I got enrolled to an elementary school.I guess my parents prioritized my education over anything they would have me do my homework every night. My parents are the definition of the American Dream. We arrived here with nothing not a single dime or belonging. We live through some hard times but in the end they achieved the impossible. You see my family started in some run down apartments, in fact I still remember how in the winter the cold air would pass the cracks in the windows.How my brothers and I would cuddle up together with layers of sheets to keep warm. We sometimes had to make ourselves food at the age of five,six and ten. My parents were rarely at the house and we had to learn at a young age to be self independent.My parents worked their butts off every day for the past twelve years. It brings tears to my eyes and I am grateful that parents did all that they did to keep us in school and to get new clothes and food every day. Today my parents have achieved the impossible and they now not only own one house but two. I plan to be the first child in my family to actually graduate from college.I plan to succeed in this land of opportunity and i plan to pay every year back to my parents. It might be hard and frustrating to arrive in the US and to get started but it’s not impossible.My parents have taught me that perseverance is everything in this nation you just have to keep moving forward no matter the cost. My family started from ashes and now we live in the glory.


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