The Time has Come by JL Rubio

I remember on a sunday morning a phrase of confidence.

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil. (Psalm 23:4)

But as I walk through these alleys  full of shadows and death I can’t seem to avoid my fears

When the things we hold dear are light and love turn to the shadows of downtown casted upon Northeast, we lose our humanity savages run and kill and steal.

I can’t seem to worry about us the kids at AV. The ones who see the sun rise on our faces over by the East side

But don’t forget the sun settles in the West.

We struggle to find an opportunity because we are the generation taking a step out of the cold shells of houses and off of the shingle baked roofs.

We stand united with a cause. Although we are divided among ourselves but let that not be known because we can put that aside.

We can be the generation who stands up, like the greats in Civil rights Era.

When would have we seen rosa parks talking behind Martin Luther’s back?

Some say we’re not supposed to repeat history because of the bad, but what of the good?

We have to repeat history. Follow what the greats have done before.

In their moment they were just like you and me. Young men women, fathers and mothers. They wanted a shot at equality but now that it’s a reality we have to take it. It’s a challenge but it’s there. Make the best of it.

Let our lives be the light casted upon the shadows so that our dark Northeast can be brighter than the city lights.

Let’s not resort to ending the lives that we grew up with over the division of who’s on what street or who has the biggest gun, better car, or bigger paycheck.

Because a gun is not what took Martin Luther’s life it was a man who saw the potential he had

A man who for the first time saw fear in the daylight among disappearing shadows

How come the ¨Little México¨ of Kansas City can’t be a beacon of actual pride rather than just a bloodbath and drug playground

How come we see all the murals in downtown but the graffiti on the sides of buildings in north east?

How come our mothers have to burry their kids over motives the word may never know?

How come our so called ¨bros¨ bury their crew?

How come those mothers out there in prosperous neighborhoods sit in a chair along other proud parents and see their ¨Babies¨ walk across that stage at the university?

When will we see the actual high school diploma fly out of our schools?

One with 3am all nighters just for revisions. From square one on freshman day to the last paper for our scholarships.

The time has come for change in our lives. Not only material but having some spiritual direction

We have to be grateful everyday. Not only in the bad times should we show up at the benches.

Why do you run to a place of reflection and peace for consolation and leave the minute your prayers are answered?

Why do you never come back to show gratitude?

Like a great man said once ¨Mi tiempo ha llegado¨-NJG.

My time has come as well.

But I am not alone.

Among every dedicated student and kids simply filling in the classroom are those few who are light not just for KC but the world.

I’m following the hopes of a great man who not only inspires Hermanos and Hermanas but entire countries, cities and streets like the Keller and 26 st.

Although it’s not a sticker on tan paper.

It is a gateway that can save many more than ourselves.

That paper gives an opportunity to our kids, their success will push their kids to be light and life in the shadows of Northeast.

I want to be the light of Not only Northeast, I want to be the one of those many lights around the world


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